Bo Sanchez and Jomar Hilario As My Mentors

My Spiritual Journey of Becoming A Virtual Assistant

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

In the middle of 2011, during my stay in Romania as an OFW, I was struggling with so much loneliness, pain and lots of hardships at work, dealing with strangers and foreign people around me, nobody to talk and turn to but my connection and personal relationship with God, that was the time when I stumbled upon Bo Sanchez’ Kerygma Family page, it became my home  for my spiritual thirst and inspiration to fight back against loneliness and homesickness being far away from my home.

Bo’s words and stories inspired me in so many ways, he is my constant spiritual mentor and as I kept on following his articles few months later, this paved me the way to reached unto Jomar Hilario’s page at  Being involved at Jomar Hilario’s Mastery Group gradually opened up my mind, giving me many possibilities and realizations that I too, like Jomars many virtual assistants, can possibly work from home and earn something without sacrificing myself being away from my family most especially my sickly aging mother  at 77 and my  11yr old adopted son.


Jomar Hilario and Bo Sanchez – (my awesome-wonderful mentors)

At the first quarter of 2012, as I kept on following Jomar Hilario’s group, the desire in going home kept stronger every day until I’ve decided not to finish my remaining 6 months anymore in my 2yr contract, I went home not even thinking what will happen next in leaving my work abroad.

I believed, it’s God’s way of answering my prayers trusting only on His will and plans for me. My eagerness and desire to be with my family and the chances I foresee that awaits me working at the comfort of my home drives me more in going home and joining one of Jomar’s course Online Mentoring Club 2 (OMC2).

In OMC2, we got 2 downloadable VA seminar bonuses, started learning then and doing my assignments gradually.  I admit, due to a lot of family obligations I faced when I got home, needed to earn badly to sustain my family’s needs, I was focused on my once part-time direct selling businesses like Avon, kitchenware, purified water consignment,  shoes, RTW’s, Herbalife  and as a sales agent of a memorial products and services.  But from time to time (fewer times to be honest) landed on doing my assignment pacing slowly with my course.


At home, doing my assignment and research works.

In just few months of doing my assignment, I learned a lot of things especially in creating my own blog.  That’s the time I realized, that as a sales agent, I need to do my own blog as a site for the products I am selling, for I concentrated more on direct selling, going house to house, looking for customers and clients that would interest my product.

Suddenly, it gave me enough reasons to try, why not? If it won’t work then at least I’ve tried, right?  Would you believe that this simple blog I made brought me a lot of sales within the area where my memorial products and services were covered?  In just working at my computer at home, I invited all my FB friends within the area reachable of my products and services, even the friends of my friends abroad with family and homes in my area were not spared of sending them the links of the products I offered on my blog.

My so simple blog was then a big help,  not really thinking what I did was already internet marketing, I just understood it well when I heard from my mentor during one of his webinars about the success of online businesses.  And would you believe also that in a matter of two months since I created my very simple online marketing blog I closed deals of 22 accounts with an over-all quota of 30 accounts in a year? That was a fantastic 2012 for me.  And gave me almost 40 thousand pesos commission, and a 5 thousand December bonus being a 2nd top seller.

I never thought that in just months of being at OMC2, I will earn something I never expected.  I was really so thankful to my mentor Jomar Hilario for his patience to his slow-pacing OMC2 member like myself,  at least the investment I made at 9,750 pesos for his OMC2 course was already paid up. Hurrahh!!

This is my simple online marketing blog:

Right now, I am accepting fixed rate jobs as an administrative assistant doing online reports especially at Google Docs for I am not available at the moment for an hourly job because of lots of obligations I am facing with my spiritual and community services as well as my home repairs, at least I could still focus on my va job at my convenient hours.  And at the same time helping a close friend and relative prepare her financial statements, legal documents and other documents related to her small starting-up business at a reasonable rate though I am not demanding any rate at all because of my willingness to help a family,  but she’s been paying me a favorable monthly rate since then, even though I’m just doing the job 2hrs a day or 10 hours a week, it doesn’t really eating much of my time and not a problem to me.  What matters most is I’m helping her reach her goal, and if she succeed then it feels great to be a part of it.


Same thing with my CCH virtual group composed of Cadiznons all over the world, sharing something and helping our lowly and underprivileged kababayans changed their lives. I am presently a physical volunteer helping in taking care of every projects and programs created,  and was in-charged of our groups’ financial reports which was also done online, and as a part of my advocacy, it’s all free of charge.  And I am happy doing this in the name of love and service.

Believing with my skills, I am very optimistic that one day I could find one good client with reasonable rates that will trust me with their businesses.  Being a virtual assistant is a very good start in earning online, but I’d still prefer to hire someday virtual assistants for myself that could help me with my business as an online marketer.  Nothing to lose in aiming and dreaming something bigger, right?

Anyway, I still need to learn more from Jomar’s courses, still need to pursue some skills that could best enhance my capability as a virtual assistant or an online marketer.


As my spiritual journey continues, I never regretted at all any single moment with my decision in going home for good.  The joy it brings being with my family around taking care of my mother and son until the end cannot be bought by any material possessions here on earth.

The prime purpose of staying here is my desire in serving God and the joy of serving others will go on until my last breath, may our good Lord will just continue using and blessing me to be a blessing also to others, especially to the lowly and weakest ones.  May we continue our struggle to lead a righteous path  and keep on dreaming and asking for His wisdom and guidance in everything that we do because God only sends miracles to those who ask and believe.

“To God Be All The Glory!!”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

– Philippians 4:13

Live A Life That Matters!!

Stay blessed,


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Odesk Test Certificates

My Odesk Test Certificates

odesk testThis was my Odesk Test results taken some months ago,  just one of the required skill when applying at Odesk for a job online.  This will add more colors for your resume to shine, and this will be taken for FREE here , so I keep on encouraging everyone  to take free Odesk Test to test your capability on your skill and on the field of your specialization.  Like when you are so engrossed on photography and have the graphic skills, you should passed the Photoshop Test, Corel Draw or other photo editing applications that would best qualify you for the position you are applying for in Odesk, and do take the latest version if possible that would rate you higher as an advance learner.

When I got registered at Odesk sometime ago, my application and resume was only noticed when I got the Odesk Test, I got a lot of job invitations and interviews. Unfortunately, due to some tasks I handled online and offline and wasn’t yet prepared to cater for an online gig that time, I was unable to reply any of those job invitations.

The catch here is, with our Odesk Test  certification, we can boast more to any client that we can do the job confidently and efficiently, and could even ask for a higher rate.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up at Odesk now and fill-up your resume, then take the test.

How I copied my certificates from my Odesk Test library?  Some months ago, embedding Odesk certificates to be posted on our site or blogpost is just very common, but only last month, Odesk has already disabled embedding, so it can no longer be posted on our blog page.  What I did was, when I was about to change my blog’s template for a new one, I screened shot first my embedded certificates so I can still have a copy of it as a souvenir, not so smart right? ha ha!

Well anyway, if you really want to get an online job, try Odesk,  just take the test, passed it, apply and wait for the client to find you!  Happy job searching!!

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BrainBench Certifications

This is my BrainBench Certification which was all taken last March 2012, when BrainBench offered a FREE test in all its courses.  I grabbed this once in a lifetime opportunity and was so glad with the results.

There were also some other courses I took which I failed, yet I’m always pessimistic that on the next tries I will make it.  Besides, you will lose nothing in trying because you’ll only take free tests and no money involved here but only your patience and the perseverance to keep on trying.

For everyone’s information, BrainBench Certification is one edge to level-up your qualification for a job online you are applying, and this will be a great help to boost up your resume.  So, I am encouraging all virtual assistants or soon to be online workers to take a BrainBench exam or test to add colors to your resumes.  You don’t need to pay for the exams, you can choose the free ones instead.

So, guys what are you waiting for?  Come on now and join millions of people worldwide in taking BrainBench exams, just click here and follow instructions .  Good luck!!

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How To Use DOC2PDF

What is DOC2PDF?

Doc2PDF is a free online application that converts any office document files like Word, PowerPoint Presentation and Excel into PDF format in just a click.

You can also download the application and convert or make a professional copy of PDF format business and professional use but with a minimal cost.  You can also do the reverse by converting your PDF format into a Document file by using this application.  This is very useful to everybody especially for a virtual assistant like me.

Below is the very easy tutorial on how to convert your documents into PDF format.


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How To Use Google Docs-Drive

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a free Web based application in which Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms and Drawings can be created, edited, shared and stored online.  Files can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection anytime and anywhere.

You can add collaborators to your documents either by sending them the link to access the Docs online or add your friends or group’s email addresses.

Google Docs is so easy to create and share online, and you can decide who can view and edit each document.   This is so very useful to everyone from students to working professionals but most especially for a virtual assistant like me.

What is Google Drive?

If you’ve used only Google Docs in the past, Google Drive is now the new home for all your files and folders including your Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms and Drawings.

This means all your files that were previously stored in Google Docs will now be available in Google Drive.  And this is all in one place to create, collaborate, share and keep all your stuff.

What excites me most about Google Drive is the 5GB FREE storage and safekeeping of all my files that I can easily access everywhere I go even without carrying any USB or external drive with me and no more worries of losing or corrupting it, or being infected by viruses.  This is so great and very helpful in my daily work.

You can follow with me with this very easy and simple step by step tutorial on how to use Google Docs-Drive.


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How To Use Jing Screencast

What is Jing Screencast?

Jing is a screen capture application that allows you to select and capture parts of your screen as an image or short video, and save that area as a static picture or even a movie and lets you share it instantly.

Jing share ideas instantly, the always-ready program that lets you capture images and videos instantly, then share them from your computer to anyone, anywhere in the world.  You can snap picture of you computer screen, record video of onscreen action, and share instantly over the web.  Whether for work, home or play, Jing is a great tool for adding basic visual elements to all of your online conversations.

The thing that makes Jing unique is that it has a “share” button, which allows you to share the image or video with a friend by connecting to the free image solution.  By clicking share, it uploads your media behind the scenes, and places the link to the screen in your clipboard.  You can then email or paste that URL into your chat applications for your friend to see.  And you can also share it to your favorite social media network like Facebook for the world to see.

Below, is a very easy step by step tutorial to guide you on how to use Jing and enjoy it whether for personal, work or business use and share it to the world instantly.


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How To Use Animoto

What is Animoto?

Animoto is a web application that creates MTV-style videos with a click of a button.  It is a video creation capability so anyone with access to digital photos can easily create professional looking videos by simply choosing songs and images.

Animoto users love their video creations and want to share them with family, friends and the world.  To some people, it means embedding their Animoto videos in their favorite social network, and to others, it means having all their Animoto videos in their pocket on their IPhone.  To a large and vocal population of Animoto users, it means uploading their Animoto videos to YouTube and sharing them with the worldwide YouTube community.

But be reminded that Lite Free PLan Animoto video creates only up to 30 seconds, and if you want a more longer full-length awesome videos either for personal or business use, then you can upgrade to a Professional Plan with a minimal cost anytime.

You can view my 30-second sample Animoto video that I have uploaded on YouTube and you can also follow my very simple tutorial on how to make an Animoto video quickly and easily.

My Sample 30-second Animoto Video

Animoto Tutorial

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